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When it comes to searching for a Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Chicago Wedding Videographer and/or Photographer the process can be anything but easy.  The vast majority of Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers do not list their prices, and almost all of them limit company information to the bare minimum on their websites.  After filling out the required contact form, in order to receive a price quote, it takes them days to respond.  When they finally get back to you they are all for explaining to you how their service is perfect for you without ever initially asking what your specific wedding photography and or wedding videography needs are.  The icing on the cake is their “over the top” push to send you a contract without ever personally meeting.  I feel your pain and have dealt with many of the same frustrating challenges you have while planning my wedding. With that distraught experience forever engrained in my mind, we have built our company, as you will see, completely different.  Our clients enjoy the process from start to finish, acknowledge how easy and fun it has been, and cherish the experience.  Regardless of who your vendors are or how much your mother may drive you nuts with wedding plans, decide today to enjoy the journey.

Happiness is a choice.  You can choose to be happy.  There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.” – Valerie Bertinelli

Award Winning Chicago Wedding Videographer & Photographer Windy City Production

First and foremost Windy City Production is in business to capture our clients’ wedding day dependably, credibly, professionally, and artistically at an affordable value.  We won’t try to convince you that we are the only wedding photographer and/or wedding videographer around worth considering.  It wouldn’t be true.  What matters to us is that every couple finds the wedding photographer and/or wedding videographer that is perfect for them and their specific needs.  If you’re looking to save time, energy, and money all while liberating your wedding photo opportunities and/or receiving a Hollywood style cinematic wedding video then you have found the right company.  Sounds to good to be true?  We dare you to dig deeper, check into our reviews, portfolios, engagement pictures, cinematic wedding films, and wedding pictures.  Even if you believe Windy City Production is not a good fit for your specific needs, we encourage you to take advantage of our website’s valuable resources.  We have filled our website with insightful wedding tips, ideas, encouragement, liberating wedding photo tutorials, and lots of wedding videos.

Who is Windy City Production:

As a business Windy City Production is an Award Winning wedding videography and wedding photography company that has had the honor of capturing countless weddings for couples to relive.  It’s amazing to think that a single picture or film will be shared with hundreds of friends and family members, the couple’s children, and hopefully their children’s children.  On the personal side we are teachers, leaders, financial consultants, problem solvers, teammates, friends, and a family.  We enjoy sharing with all engaged couples wedding ideas and opportunities.  Our business concepts and quality standards lead the wedding photography & wedding videography industry.  We offer a service(s) and product(s) at an affordable value all while saving couples time, energy, and thousands of dollars.  On a day-to-day basis, we are fighting to find new solutions to the wedding videographer & photographer industry, product, and service roadblocks.  Our fair and honest business strategy encourages other vendors and future professionals that they too can succeed as wedding videographers and photographers with hard work, determination, purpose, and quality work.  We are friends to our clients and the company is a family of inspired believers in our greatest calling which leads us to the Why.


Our greatest calling is to use our God gifted talent to the best of our ability.  We certainly are not, and will never be, perfect as a company, but we are committed to continual improvement as wedding photographers, wedding videographers, and a company as a whole.  For us the opportunity to learn something new, apply a new technique, try a new concept, and grow as a team keeps us inspired.  Over the past year alone we have seen some dramatic wedding photography & videography service and product improvements.  It is exciting to think what lies ahead.

You were born with potential.  You were born with goodness and trust.  You were born with ideals and dreams.  You were born with greatness.  You were born with wings.  You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.  You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” – Rumi



After graduation from St. Xavier I embraced the challenge of making my passion of wedding photography and wedding videography my full-time career.  Honestly, the challenge seemed at times too much to handle, however in those valleys I always found new strength and inspiration in amazing couples.  Witnessing the couple’s vows, not a dry eye in the crowd, smiles contagiously spreading like a wildfire, and young passionate love, I can’t help but see myself in their shoes reliving my wedding day.  Instantly my spirit is invigorated.  Capturing and sharing the story of a brave child fighting leukemia lights your soul on fire.  Making a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives has brought me to new soaring heights.  Three years in and our opportunities continue to grow along with our wedding photography & wedding videography abilities.  Today I am stronger and more confident in our ability to make a difference more then ever before.  My initial goal was to build one of the most affordable professional Chicago wedding videography & photography companies.  That initial goal still stands, but we have added to it by stretching that goal to include a new market.


Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago I will forever cherish this world-class city.  Unfortunately, Chicago is not immune to polar vortex winters and I am not a fan of -50 degree weather.  While covering a destination wedding in Costa Rica we realized how much opportunity exists outside of Chicago.  One in every four weddings is a destination wedding and the number one destination wedding market is Florida.  Let’s not forget that Florida’s busy season is Chicago’s slow season.  Don’t get me wrong, Windy City Production has and will continue to cover weddings year round in Chicago, but I am personally chasing a new dream.  That dream has me in Florida, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica covering destination weddings throughout the doldrums of winter.  I am excited to explore the world and, of course, save Florida & destination wedding couples time, energy, and money.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas



I’m not even sure how “How?” even fits in with the customary 5W’s.  Regardless, I will touch on the principle of how Windy City Production captures our clients wedding day dependably, credibly, professionally, and artistically at an affordable value.  Our foundational principle is the Golden Rule, which encourages us to do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you.  It might sound cliché, but that rule has pushed us to be the best we can even when we might not feel like doing so.  That rule also encourages us to partner with couples that respect a mutual relationship.  We want this relationship to be a win for you and a win for us.  Anything other leads to a broken relationship, which results in someone losing out and hard feelings.  We will continue to do our best to capture your day, and in return we ask that you embrace our mutual relationship and adopt the Golden Rule.  Yes, we are doing what we love to do, but there definitely were valleys and unfortunate times when a rare few have tried to taint our reputation, rip us off, bully our team members, and curse our future.  We will not focus on the far and few negative couples we have mistakenly taken on as clients.  Our Golden Rule principle has and will continue to lead us in the right direction as wedding photographers, wedding videographers, and individuals.

Be the change you want to see in this world.” – Gandhi

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