Frequently Asked Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Questions


What markets do you cover as a photographer & videographer?

We have for the past four years covered the Chicagoland area and will continue to do so!  In addition to Chicago we have recently committed to covering South Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Keys.

What is your WeddingWire BRIDE’S CHOICE Award about?

WeddingWire is basically the Yelp of Weddings providing vendor reviews.  Wedding Wire is about helping brides and groom excute efficiently & effectively on their weddings.  The WeddingWire Brides’s Choice Awards recognizes the best local wedding vendors from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism within the wedding industry.  The award recipients represent the top 5% of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which consists of over 200,000 wedding professionals throughout the US & Canada.  Windy City Production is proud to announce we have won this award.


Do I really need a videographer?  Is a photographer enough?

A video of your wedding day will prove to be an invaluable reminder of your special day.  You will forever be able to revisit in real time all the beautiful details, special moments, and friends & family who gathered to celebrate your wedding.  Photography is great at framing the moment but video has the power to let your relive its sights, sounds, and emotions.  Also, most couples who have had a wedding videographer say that it was one of the best wedding choices they made.  Some of the reasons couples decide to get a professional wedding video include:

~Sending copies to friends & relatives who were unable to attend

~Sharing the special moment with their children

~They want to look back at all of the hard work & effort that went into planning their wedding

~The wedding day tends to be a blur that just flies by


Why should I hire a professional over a friend or tripod? 

Your wedding day is a one-take one-time event, with no chances to go back and correct mistakes or oversights.  We have multiple professional FULL HD cameras, digital mastering and effects, professional wireless microphones, specialty camera lenses, a camera crane, and plenty of backup equipment to artistically & dependably capture your wedding day.  Plus, all that equipment is used by full time photographer(s) and or videographer(s) who know how to use it correctly.  After the event has been captured, the real work begins in post production and editing.  There is a lot involved in making your video smooth, professional, and exciting to watch.  It’s not a job for amateurs and those with weekend hobbies.  Your photos must be edited and transferred safely to a storage device for you.  Hiring a professional allows your friend to enjoy the festivities at your wedding, instead of being stuck behind the camera(s).  Additionally, it will save you from the disagreements and disappointments when your video or photos are not what you expected or hoped for.

What should I look for in a wedding videographer? 

As you shop around, compare not only price, but picture quality, number of cameras, number of videographers, editing style, and past reviews.  How are the samples?  Is the picture steady or does it shake?  Is the video clean & smooth or  dark & rough.  Can you clearly hear the vows? Are the text & graphics professional?

What should I look for in a wedding Photographer?

The following video details numerous details you want to see in any wedding photographer.

How long will my finished wedding DVD be? 

Our completed cinematic videos are generally 5-20 minutes long, which all depends on your package, ceremony, toasts, and any extras requested.  However, the FULL DAY Package includes your multicamed ceremony & toasts in full length and you will receive all of the raw footage.  To preview a real multicam example click here.


What is the process? 

First you fill out an inquiry by clicking Contact Us or give us a call Chicago (708) 663-0637 | Miami & Ft. Lauderdale (305) 988-5658.  From there we will contact you to address any immediate questions or concerns and typically set up an informational consultation.  The informational consultation is our opportunity to find out exactly what you want and need when it comes to your wedding photography and or wedding videography needs.  This is your big day and we want to capture & reproduce it exactly how you want it.  From there, we come out and capture your wedding day and then the real work begins.  Post production is very time-consuming and generally takes 4-6 weeks to fully complete your wedding day film and or wedding photos.  Finally, we will contact you to set up our closing contract meeting to view your video and or wedding photos, without spoiling it.

What does it take to reserve Windy City Production for our date? 

After speaking with a representative you can reserve your date with your down payment.  Your down payment can be made over the phone with any major credit card.  We also accept checks mailed to W.C.P. at 42 W. Downer Place, Aurora, IL 60506.  After your down payment has been received, a representative will contact you within a business day to walk you through any remaining steps.

What if I can not pick up my wedding photos, album(s), and or video(s)?

Not a problem we will gladly ship your final products to you.  However, there is a flat $35 shipping fee to cover our additional costs and time necessary to do so.  If you are able, we highly recommend picking up your final products to avoid the flat $35 shipping fee.

What if I need Additional Coverage on the Wedding Day?

Understandably wedding days can run a bit longer and we would gladly accommodate any additional coverage needed at $200 per hour per photographer and/or videographer.  We always check with our couples before leaving to ensure we have captured everything.

Will your Videographer(s) and or Photographer(s) be distracting and is the equipment obstructive?  

Not at all!  Our approach is reserved and natural.  We will not ask you to fake any scenes because what we are after is the raw emotion, energy, and excitement.  Also, today’s digital video and or photo equipment is smaller and less intrusive than ever before.  We make every effort to capture your wedding day unobtrusively and tastefully.


Will I be able to hear the ceremony and vows in my video? 

Yes!  Our camera-mounted Rode microphones capture the necessary ambient sound.  Our small wireless lapel mic, attached to the groom, will capture the officiant’s words and your vows.  During post production we blend the audio and adjust the volume levels until everything is audible and natural.

How much setup time will your videographer(s) need? 

We plan to arrive 30-45 minutes before your wedding ceremony to unpack the equipment and survey the shoot for the best angles.

What kind of cameras do you use? 

At the present moment we are shooting with only Canon’s cameras.  Starting with our video cameras we have Canon’s XF100 & XA10 Professional Camcorders.  Canons XF100 & XA10 Professional Camcorders lead the industry standard in digital video.  We also like mixing in our Canon Mark 5D II & III, 6D, and 7D DSLR Cameras.  Our Professional cameras will capture the details of your wedding day in stunning high-definition.  When it comes to photography our lead camera would be Canon’s Mark 5D II or III and we always have a backup onsite.

How do your videographer(s) and or photographer(s) dress for an event? 

Our wedding Photographer(s) and or videographer(s)’ attire is generally a dark business suit with appropriate accessories.  We try by all means to blend in just as another guest.

Should we feed the videographer(s) and or photographer(s)? 

It’s not required, but it is recommended and appreciated.  Please let us know if you are including your videographer(s) and or photographer(s) in your meal count.

I have a question that isn’t listed?

Great!  Give us a call or drop us an email and we will do our best at answering it.  We would also like to post it to our F.A.Q. page to assist all future clients.