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So where do you even start?  There is wedding party selections, guest lists, date & venue selections, wedding themes, flowers, favors, wedding dresses, selecting the honeymoon destination, wedding cakes… and the rest of your life to plan out as a married woman.  If you are looking for a Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Chicago Wedding photographer or need some relief from the stresses of planning a wedding then you have come to the right place.  We encourage you to look around and get excited because before you know it your wedding day will be here.  Understandably you have specific needs when it comes to your wedding and Windy City Production is a unique Wedding photographer that may meet your needs.  So what is so unique about Windy City Production?

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, & Chicago Wedding Photographer:

With Windy City Production you get a dependable, credible, full time professional that will capture your day artistically.  More importantly you have an affordable professional wedding photographer option that liberates your wedding pictures possibilities.  Interested in learning how?  Read on!

Dependable Wedding Photographer:

Over the past year we have covered close to 100 weddings when combining our videography & photography events.  We have covered Catholic, Protestant, Non-Denominational, Jewish, traditional African, Persian, Indian, and Destination weddings.  We are well versed when it comes to religious or cultural wedding traditions, which ensures no special moments will be missed.  We carry the best gear on the market and always have onsite backup gear for the unexpected.

Credible Wedding Photographer:

Over the past three years we have played a huge role in countless weddings.  Many of those couples have reviewed our Photography & Videography services.  We highly encourage you to preview their insightful reviews!

Full Time Professional Wedding Photographer:

After graduation from St. Xavier I embraced the challenge of making my passion of photography and videography my full-time job.  A few years in and I am more excited than ever.  I am living my dream and make a difference in countless lives.  My initial goal was to build one of the most affordable and professional Chicago wedding photography & videography companies.  That initial goal still stands, but we have added to it by stretching that goal to include South Florida.

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 Artistically Wedding Photographer:

When it comes to wedding pictures I like to break it down to two very distinct styles of shooting.  Every wedding will incorporate both styles and our job is to understand your personal preference so we can put a greater emphasis on that style.

  • The first wedding pictures style would be traditional posed portraits, which require a keen eye for detail, organization to quickly direct & redirect the poses, patience & joy to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, and an awareness of your timeline.  We respect your time and want to get you back to enjoying the company of your friends & family members in a timely manner.
  • The second wedding pictures style would be a candid approach.  I have and continue to preach the undeniable fact that imperfections beat perfection.  Let me elaborate.  Like I had mentioned earlier every wedding will incorporate both styles including traditional posed portraits.  Portraits are staged for perfection but lack the authentic energy & passion you get with candid wedding pictures.  The downside to candid wedding pictures would be that sometimes they include slight imperfections within the image.  However, I believe those imperfections add character and in many cases make the image unforgettable.  A slight imperfection example could be a silly grin.  To a typical wedding photographer that imperfect picture is borderline keeper but for all they know that silly grin is a priceless grin your groom has been known to only share on rare occasion.  It truly is hard for wedding photographers to distinguish slight imperfections from unique character.  This is just one reason why we give our clients the rights to all of their wedding pictures.  We don’t want to delete any moments that you cannot relive.  From a professional standpoint candid wedding pictures are some of the hardest images to capture.  You need to be at the right place at the right time and out of sight to even have the opportunity to capture that fleeting moment.  Our company thrives on those candid wedding pictures but we certainly understand the importance of traditional posed portraits.  Regardless of our personal preference we tailor our shot plan to your specific taste.

Finally, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, & Chicago Wedding Photographer Pricing!

Unlike other companies we believe in giving you as much information up front without the standard “email us for a quote” requirement.  The best standard email quote requirement I have seen lately requested that the inquirer include a price they are willing to invest, and that is without even knowing the company’s prices.  Not the best way to build trust!  Yes the national average cost for a wedding photographer is $2,379.  Further, Chicago is the second most expensive wedding market in the nation, which only pushes up the price.  However, as a married photographer, who has paid for her own wedding, I know the challenge of working with a limited budget.  Call me crazy but I love saving each and every couple we partner with time, energy, and money.  Apples to Apples our package is more affordable than those packages that lure you in with the low initial cost only to nickel and dime you for the right to each individual picture.  Typically a selection of a hundred wedding pictures or more will cost you more than you originally budgeted for and you still lack the rights to your wedding pictures.  With Windy City Production you receive all your wedding pictures with the right to do with as you please.  With today’s technology the sky is the limit as long as you have the actual wedding pictures file.  The best part is the affordability and share ability of the options.  For example you can back up all of your wedding pictures forever for free and share with whom you want with Flickr’s free Terabyte account.  You can print your wedding pictures to canvas, metal, and numerous other mediums for a fraction of the price that other wedding photographers charge.  Windy City Production is in business to capture your day dependably, credibly, professionally, and artistically at an affordable price.  With our wedding pictures you can do more for less and have fun doing so.  Don’t get me wrong, we can create some spectacular wedding albums or portraits, but we are honest enough to admit you can do it better yourself and save a bundle while doing so.  I could go on all day about saving you time, energy, and money, along with the opportunities provided by today’s technology, however, I will save that for a later day and let you get bacChicago Wedding Videographerk to planning your wedding.

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